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"Saving the world one yard at a time"

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Hire A Professional Pooper Scooper With Over 10 Years Of Experience.

Are you ready for your yard to be cleaned up the right way every time?


We started Quick Pickk with the idea of not wanting to waste an opportunity of starting a company.  We started our company the old fashioned way, from the ground up.  I thought of this idea for a Pooper Scooper company and really wanted to see how it would go.  Quick Pickk has been in business for 10 years.  We are a small owner operated company.   We are a very professional company that provides a great service and top of the line communication.   If there is specific days that you need the service to be provided we always do the best we can to provide that.  We feel it is a privilege to have our own company and would have all the integrity, to make sure that you have the best experience with our company.


We are confidant that you will be satisfied with our price and service. Attention to detail and customer service has made Quick Pickk successful. As a customer of Quick Pickk you can feel comfortable knowing that your yard is in the hands of someone who cares.

Try us out, we know you will be happy with our work. Call: 702-292-8563

Great Rates


1 DOG - $8.50


2 DOGS - $12.00


3 DOGS - $13.50




We also offer bi-weekly and monthly. 702-292-8563

"Saving the world one yard at a time"

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